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Why Philippines is No. 1 in the Best Country to Invest

The Philippines is a third world country. This country is located in southeast Asia neighboring Malaysia, Japan Taiwan and other regions. Why is the Philippines still the Best Country to Invest In by the US News?

The Philippines has sustainable growth to position in the regional production networks because of the investment of the five Chinese companies in Aviation, downstream oil, renewable energy, iron and steel, and shipbuilding industries per UN Conference on Trade and Development’s report on Worlds Investment Report 2017.

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Philippines’ top ranking to the following: young and hardworking workforce, an excellent inclusive growth momentum, an expanding middle class, politically stable environment, strong and popular leadership, fiscal discipline, stable monetary policy, membership in Asean, an achievable infrastructure program, a strong anti-corruption drive, and improved revenue collection.” Per Finance Secretary Carlos G. Dominguez.

“All of these show the growing confidence of both local and foreign investors in our economy and could only result in growth also in the countryside and of our people. We see this to further improve especially with the government’s infrastructure development agenda, the legislature’s support through measures that will improve government processes and ensure ease of doing business in the country, and maintaining peace and order,” Loren Legarda said, adding more confidence for the Philippines to address the government focus to improve the adminstration.


So what’s in it for the Filipinos?

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So what’s in it for the Filipinos?  Even if the world has declared that the country has been performing well in terms of investment in the South-East Asia.  So what do Filipino get out of it?

With the latest performance of the country as the strong economic trade we see the higher possibility to create more work for people.  Take a look for example the total projects of foreign and Filipino investors approved by the seven IPA for the third quarter of 2017 are expected to generate 37, 891 jobs, according to PSA release December 2017.   Meaning, the more investments we received the more jobs it will create.   The more jobs it will create the more income it will give to Filipino people. continue reading.

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  1. Investing in any part of the world has risk, I just dont know if your country is like that. Can you give me more information. Follow me on my blog too!

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