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Game Plan 2019: 5 Keys to Success

In order to achieve you have never before, you have to become someone you have never been before, says Brian Tracy.  And what is important is to develop the quality on the inside to become that makes you a successful person. Not only better in terms of character determination discipline, strength and so on.  They make a far better in some other way.  So the real payoff of becoming successful is the kind of person you become and the kind of people that you associate with

And the things that we are going to talk about now are the series of qualities that you should become if you have this quality your success of the goals is firstly guaranteed. And if you don’t have this quality, the qualities are learn-able.

The 5 Keys to Success 

Dream Big Dreams 

Practice what is called back from the future thinking and project forward. develop a vision of yourself as happy and wealthy, thin.  practice what top people practice which is called idealization. Project forward several years that needs to imagine that your life is perfect in every way.  Imagine that you have the time, all the money, all the wealth.  What we have found is that these are the starting point of great success in life is for you to have a dream and vision of a wonderful future.  

Exercise:  Take a sheet of paper and make-up what is called a dream list. 

Do what you love to do

Whenever you find highly successful people in life they are people that they do what they love to do.  They love their work. The great rule for success in life is to find something that you love to do, and then find a way to make a living doing it.  When you find what you love to do, it will be something that gives you energy.  It motivates you. It enthuses you.  Its probably something that you are meant to do from the time you are born.  If you ask successful people they will often say, I never work the day of my life. I just do what I like to do.

So that you can do is to go to the time when you were young, between the age of 7 – 14 before you discover boys or girls.  What is it that you really love to do?  and you will often find that within that is something that you do as an adult.

Commit to Excellence

I hard time with this starting after college because I don’t really know where I am going.  Where the money is, I applied for work.  Imagine, back in 2007 when the boom of the call centre is marked anywhere in the Philippines.  I have applied to 30-59 call centre offices and they don’t accept me because of my local Bicol accent.  Imagine you are in my situation, knocking on every door of the every call centre offices. That’s a total wreck.

What you have to do is to pay any price and any sacrifice to get into the top 10 per cent in your field.  The kicker is if you do what you love to do. you will want to be in the top 10 per cent in your field.  If you don’t want to be excellent in what you’re doing?  It means that you are in the wrong field. It just means that you are barking on time. 

Make this decision to get to the top 10%.  Everybody who is at the top start from the bottom. Everybody who is doing well was once doing poorly.  If you are willing to pay the price and make the sacrifices.  You can get to the top 10%.  I learned that to achieve the mastery in your field would take 5-7 years.  

When you are really good at what you are doing, you feel wonderful about yourself.  You are respected and esteemed by everybody around you.  You can write your own paycheck, you can open any door when you are good at what you do. Because you get up in the morning and you know that you are good. And that is more important than the rewards that we received.  

Develop your unique Talents

Every single person is designed from infancy with special talents and abilities that if you develop them to their height can enable you to develop to accomplish anything you want in life. Everyone is genetically structured to be able to do something superbly. To do something they enjoy, to do it well and to get satisfaction from it. 

Peter Drucker a great entrepreneurial innovator often ask the question. What are you good at? Now, what are you good at today, what should you be good at?  What could you be good at? What we are going to do is to look back and ask, and so one of the questions that we ask is what is the more responsible done in your life that has gotten you the best result.  Because as you have said before success leaves tracks. And if you look back into your past you will often find indicators that guide you to your future. 

Develop a clear sense of direction.

You can’t hit a target that you cannot see. You’ve got to know what you want in any area of your life. 

Quick Exercise:  Write down 10 goals that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months.  Ask yourself these questions. If you could only accomplish one goal on this list. But you can accomplish this within 24hrs, which one goal would have the greatest impact on your life.  Now, this is the great question because it will usually jump at you. 

When you determine what you really want to do, it would be the secret of being successful in life.

These lessons are not my own they are lessons that I have learned listening to audiobooks and reading books. I listen to Brian Tracy, Grant Cardone, Jack Canfield, and other motivational speakers. You will find a lot of my learnings on my blog, so check around and share your insights into these lessons.

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