How to teach kids about charity?

Charity is one of the most effective ways to teach your child about giving which results to empathy and responsibility. Teaching your child to share is one of the greatest gifts that we can ever impart. It is revolutionary to teach kids about volunteering. It’s such an important part of how we intentionally promote as parents. But how do you teach kids about charity really?

If you have 2-3 kids, make this idea so easy. Pick one charity per year per kid, that the entire family can get excited about. Maybe you can assign one child to be a point person of the event per year. There are so many great opportunities that you can think of throughout the year especially this time of lockdown. I am sure that they will get excited on thinking about how to start and how to build your charity work together. Let everyone get involved in volunteering works.

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Teaching your kids about charity sometimes can really be very overwhelming especially if you organize it your own. If you are interested, I manage a Facebook group for my personal humanitarian cause. To join click this link Donation Drive Philippines. The main purpose of this group is to create awareness for Filipino people to create and support Bayanihan programs. The main goal of this group is to reach thousands of Filipinos affected by floodings and other calamities. This group started last year during the Mayon Volcano Eruption in Albay, Philippines. Now, the group is growing and it is being supported by individual contributors and other companies. Joining other groups can take you away from any headache of organizing the whole volunteering program.

Meanwhile here is the list of additional legit organizations that you can get our kids to participate. Source:

Donation Drive Philippines

Moreover, teaching your kids about charity, volunteering can become easy if they can see the genuine interest from you. Yes, you, the kid’s interest in helping others would start from you. Kids can easily copy what their parents are doing. They basically do what you do. So be careful.


Another important concept in teaching kids about charity is, to begin with your family values. As such, if your family values are “Service” or “Giving” you would have the basic foundation to answer why you are doing this practice just in case they would ask. Make sure that they know the purpose of why they do what they do. When tough things arise, they can always go back to the main reasons why they would pursue the event or not. Most of the time, as the obstacles arise, they would recall the reason and it will propel them to accomplishing the goal as bright as possible.

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Let the kids be creative. Allow them to explore. Give them a chance to make their own charity work. Make it a win-win too. In today’s time, while on lockdown, your kids are stuck at home. They have a lot of opportunities to write down things that they can do. When the lockdown is over, they can start materializing their plans. Teach them how to plan and make an interesting event. Right now, a lot of front liners need help. Give them ideas on how to start now. Although people ages 20 years old and below are not allowed to go out.

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However you may want to teach your kids about charity, volunteering make it more fun and less pressure. Assure them that anything they do can help them build a solid foundation for the future.

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  1. I remember when I was little and how my mother taught me about charity. Back then, living in a country that had just passed through a revolution, we didn’t have much. But we would always gather all our clothes that didn’t fit anymore and take them to the church, for children who were not as fortunate as us.

  2. This is such an important lesson to teach our kids. In our house, the kids learn about giving money to charity and how much is wise, but also to physically help others as well. There is so much more to it than money!

  3. It is really important to teach kids how to be kind and generous. I’m glad that I’ve found your post.

  4. I think it’s important that we teach our kids charity. We need to develop children that not only care about their success but also the success of others.

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