Don’t Call your Kid Smart

Parenting has been really difficult in this fast pace environment. In the world where bad parenting arises. Where parents live to work outside the home and kids are left to learn at school.  Children are taking the risk. Last Friday while I was waiting at the lobby for my wife to be done from her dentist […]

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Rediscover Married Life

The married life is both enjoyable and difficult.  Today, we are rediscovering married life yet again after 4 years of being together.  Marriage alone is impossible but marriage with Jesus is wonderful.  It is difficult to handle marriage if you only depend on your own strength, if you depend on your wife’s strength or if […]

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Imiage - Create Healthy Family

3 Ways to Create a Healthy Family Lifestyle

I am a product of traditionally accepted Filipino parenting. Where my father was at home growing up and my mother works outside. My mother assumes the leadership and my father submits. But, that does not break the form of society as others look at it as impaired. Clearly, the family is the basic unit of […]

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