3 cars Parked outside

3 Benefits of Not Owning a Car

You wake up in the morning.  Sip a cup of coffee.  Exercise a bit. Have a refreshing shower.  Brush up your suit and head to work.  Early in the morning, you drive up your car which you have been using for 10 years. Park it on the best spot in your office building.  Then after […]

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Trusted Financial Advisor

How can you spot a Trusted Financial Advisor?

The Financial World has been filled with a lot of the so-called super financial Analyst in social media.  Many of the so-called financial advisors, would go to your house, visit you in your office, call you for an appointment or send you an unsolicited email.  These are just a few of the many strategies financial […]

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Imiage - Create Healthy Family

3 Ways to Create a Healthy Family Lifestyle

I am a product of traditionally accepted Filipino parenting. Where my father was at home growing up and my mother works outside. My mother assumes the leadership and my father submits. But, that does not break the form of society as others look at it as impaired. Clearly, the family is the basic unit of […]

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