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I bought a one-way ticket going to OSAKA, Japan. I was previously staying in Nagoya. They told me that that’s the place where we can see the Osaka Castle and many other places like Universal Studio. So I jump up my feet head to the train station and felt excited about the Wonders of Osaka.  In this article you will see how to enjoy your stay in Osaka.

Because I don’t speak Japanese at that time I went to the Osaka information booth and asked for the platform going to Osaka.  They greeted me with a warm smile. Also, they gave me proper instructions on how to get the correct platform.  I got on the train and it took me 1 hour to travel.  Now, this really excites me.

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This is Osaka Castle

The Location

Osaka is located in the Kansai region on Honshu, the main island of Japan.  There were so many places to visit but it would take about 3 days to visit all around the capital.  I found one of the wonders of Osaka, the castle to be the one most fascinating place so I headed to the place immediately.  It took me 20 minutes before I reached the palace.

Visit Osaka

Few reroute, expensive ride, 2km up-hill walk before I got in the main castle.  The main tower of Wonders of Osaka Castle is situated on a plot of land roughly one square kilometer. It is built on two raised platforms of landfill supported by sheer walls of cut rock, using a technique called Burdock piling as I read on the wall description, each overlooking a moat. The central castle building is five stories on the outside and eight stories on the inside, and built atop a tall stone foundation to protect its occupants from attackers.

Osaka Castle 

Meanwhile, I read on the bulletin that the castle was modeled from another castle  Azuchi Castle, the headquarters of Oda Nobunaga. The castle is open to the public and is easily accessible from Osakajōkōen Station on the JR West Osaka Loop Line. It is a popular spot during festival seasons, and especially during the cherry blossom bloom (hanami), when the sprawling castle grounds are covered with food vendors and taiko drummers. The large indoor arena, Osaka-jo Hall, also is located within the grounds of the castle park.

According to history during the Japan seige they use this castle as the protective place for the prime ministers. You can see here how strategic planning of Japanese in setting the castle.

Afterwards, I didn’t spend much time in Osaka castle since I still have two spots more to visit. The Umeda and the World Spa.   I went back to the train station. Along the way, I had a few questions which got mixed up by the people I asked helped and talked too.  When I was inside the station trying to get out but could n’t find my way out.  I was already running around and begging for an English speaker but could not find anyone at that time.  

The Problem

There were less and less people on the way.   It was about 5pm and most of the people I bumped into were all at the middle age which does not understand English.  Then I realized that I need to help from God. I paused and asked God.  I asked God where He wanted me to go and prayed.  At last I got a college student who can at least understand and speak which I understood. Praise God I was able to get out of the puzzle.

While, it’s getting late afternoon when I decided to go to the nearest spa famous in Osaka.  I took a train to the world Spa and found the place just few blocks away from the station, it was very accessible.  The place was so huge.  It was situated in one tall building covering 8 floors in total.  It has amenities haven’t been found in the Philippines.

The Spa World

Another wonder of Osaka is the Spa World. The whole amenities is divided up by floors: the bottom floor is the reception. When you enter you will direct to the lobby, with access to the adjoining hotel, arcade, gift shops and shoe lockers. Before you enter the lobby proper, buy your ticket from the vending machines. If you’re lucky, Spa World frequently does special “campaigns” whereby you can have 24-hour access for 1,000 yen.

This is the walk-way going to the Spa World at night. Just a few photo-edit but in reality, this is a very nice place.

You’ll be given a green bracelet after you present yourself at the front desk. Put this on immediately and don’t take it off until you leave – it’s waterproof, of course. You can check your balance at the machines placed around the building. Also, put your shoes or boots away immediately after you arrive! Don’t take them upstairs with you! The locker will refund your 100 yen when you return.

The Divisions

The baths are on the 4th and 6th floors – they switch off every month so that both floors can be enjoyed by both genders. Usually, women are on the 4th floor during the odd-numbered months, and men have the 4th floor during the even-numbered months. The bathing floors are also where you’ll find the lockers, so it’s best to store your things away up here. Just pick any locker you like.

Make sure to rinse yourself thoroughly before you climb in! If you’d rather explore first, you can put on the loungewear, located between the baths and the locker rooms. If you’re meeting someone of the opposite sex in one of the common areas, you’ll need to wear these, or your bathing suit, if you are heading up to the mixed-gender pool and rooftop bath. The pool elevators are located across from the information desk on both bathing floors, and you can also rent a swimsuit here, if necessary.

Note: Do not wear your swimsuit into the regular baths! It is only for use in the pool and 8th floor mixed baths. Also, note that visible tattoos are not permitted in the area.

Go back home

I spent about 2hours in the place and headed home immediately.  Now it was getting dark and it’s getting colder and colder.  I walked fast to the station and went to the information booth.  The information booth already were closed.  I learned that there was no bus going back to Nagoya and no train cars were going to that place straight from Osaka.  The only transportation that I could take was the Shinkansen bullet train. 

I got excited to ride on this train but I got shocked about the ticket price.  It was so expensive that it was almost about the amount of my one-way ticket plane from the Philippines.  Well, I have no choice so I bought the ticket and experienced the fleet breakneck speed of the train.  I was given the no reserve seats because it was a little 500Y cheaper than the one with reservation.  About 5 minutes before the train arrives I was already at the platform waiting.

The Confusions

Unknowingly, I got in the area where the tickets are for those who have a reservation.  I entered-in and seated quietly in an elegant cushioned lazy-boy chair when suddenly another guy was looking at me asking for the seat I was on, he told me that he was reserved the for him.  Rattling that the train was already signaling to depart. 

The guy told me to transfer to the car where there is no reservations, so I run to the quickly to the first cars where I need to sprint in just about 20 seconds the fastest train will soon leave, “Oh boy” I was almost out of my breath.   Catching my breath inside the train I am still thankful for this adventure.  Many people were already seated and they were all staring at me stupefied at what happen to me.  Gratefully I got one seat available where no one is looking at me.  I laid my jacket in the luggage area and quietly sat down the chair.

Continuing the day I reached Nagoya Station after about 45minutes from Osaka.

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14 thoughts on “How to enjoy your Osaka Stay?

  1. Osaka is awesome! I love castle and the numerous onsens. Osaka tower is my favorite location in there. Also zoo is worth a mention

  2. I have not been to Japan yet. Osaka sounds interesting and it was great that you were able to communicate with some of the people.

  3. It is one of my favorite things in life to see how God helps us out when we are dependent on Him. This looks like a lovely trip!

  4. All of the information you shared about Osaka was new. One bit of news that really stood out was “According to history during the Japan seige they use this castle as the protective place for the prime ministers. You can see here how strategic planning of Japanese in setting the castle.”

  5. I glad that you enjoyed Osaka. I live only a hour away by bullet train in Nagoya. I go to Osaka once a year.

  6. I’ve been in Osaka before and its really a beautiful place to visit. Having a new friends in a different countries is so much fun. Plus their stunning views and architectures.

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