Rediscover Married Life

The married life is both enjoyable and difficult.  Today, we are rediscovering married life yet again after 4 years of being together.  Marriage alone is impossible but marriage with Jesus is wonderful.  It is difficult to handle marriage if you only depend on your own strength, if you depend on your wife’s strength or if your wife depends on your strength. In this article let find out how we can discover more on our marriages.

Before, my idea when I speak to my wife was “You depend on me because I am the leader of the family”.  After getting fixated on this idea, I realized I was wrong.  It’s not the way it was.  Believe me, it was difficult.  Little by little, we changed it to “We depend on God because He knows the way”. 

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Back to Basic

We went on to review the basics of marriage, the husband is the leader, lover, and provider as for the wife is the helper.  But sometimes, we add more responsibility to our wife as an encourager, lover, keeper, maker, gardener, sweeper, cleaner, decorator, giver, teacher, singer, dancer and a lot more.  We add more misery to our spouse if we do this.  

We are not saying that we are pro in marriage relationship but my wife and I would like to use our marriage to encourage more couple to become better as they keep their own marriage strong and healthy.

Easy boy, easy…

There was a time I had a very stressful day in the office when I got home I was so irritated with my son. I shouted at him in arrogance.  While I did it, my wife was looking at me in disgust. After a while, I felt that I did something that made her angry. I looked at her and my eyes were perspiring.  She shrugged her shoulder and went on with inside the room.  Before bedtime, we went to the room and talked.  I confessed that I was totally sorry for what happened.  We hugged and make-up.  

Admit Your Weakness

I admitted that at the moment I could not stay with our son because I was too tired after the office.  But I told her that I will do my best to take time for our family.   It was a total defenseless moment of my life.  I was not used to this but I realized it needed to happen.  When you admit that you are wrong, you are opening doors to more winning battle along the way.   That moment that I snap, I instantly knew that I was wrong.    When I confessed my wife was so happy to see me showing concern of changing. 

Our marriage was even tested during the COVID-19 lockdown. I was working from home and our home is pretty small. This quarantine was a test of our patience and gentleness. Everyday, I was always taking the test and failing so many time. But no matter we fail the test, we retake until we win. Thank God, for the past month, our fights lessen and we could always see the culprit of our mis-understanding.

19 thoughts on “Rediscover Married Life

  1. Any marriage is successful if both partners see each other equally and work on the marriage together. You have made some great points in this post which if embraced by couples would help to have a long lasting and happy marriage. Best wishes for the future of your family.

  2. We certainly have a very different perspective on life, on marriage, on couples – I have the impression on everything. But that’s good – we are all very different people with very different ideas and beliefs and that’s what makes life colorful and beautiful.

  3. Its really good that you changed your ideas on married life and can learn to rely on each other rather than one of you being the leader.

  4. Marriage definitely takes work and can be pretty hard at times but glad your enjoying it the way it should be!

  5. The journey is the destination. Marriage is a constant work in progress, so great to see you’re heading in a great direction.

  6. There will be always ups and downs in any relationship. But we should know how to make work together to keep a the relationship healthy.

  7. it takes two to tango. we really need to have patience once we get married because we’re gonna be spending our lives with a person with different upbringing.

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