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Intimacy is the ultimate source of your presence with God in your life. How intimate you determine the level of your relationship with Christ. How do you protect your intimacy? This has been the battle cry of every Jesus believers I know.

For this reason, Jesus no longer went out in public among the Jews. But he went in the wilderness to a village called Ephraim, where he secluded himself with his disciples. – John 11:52 (TPT)

Meanwhile, after a big victory of raising Lazarus from the dead, instead of carrying around a banner of that miraculous event or getting on social media to flaunt His Father’s mind-blowing miracle, he did just that.

The drive to always impress people with our accomplishments, the places we’ve gone to, the possessions we’ve accumulated and even the prophetic words we’ve received from conferences or a prophet stem from insecurity. We always want the eyes of people glued on us. We make everything all about “me, myself and I” and “our relationships”. People who always post “the happenings” on their lives in public are most likely insecure about their real-life relationships and are subconsciously running after pleasing men.

Your are important

Intimate moments are not meant to be shared in public. That’s why it’s called intimacy. Also, intimacy loses its power whenever we expose intimate moments in public.

God created us for significance. It’s normal to long for significance. We all long for it. But because of the unrenewed mind, we usually mistake chasing people’s approval for significance. The carnal mind has greatly distorted its beautiful image and reduced it to its cheapest version.

Significance starts from having a right relationship with Jesus and from continually growing in it. Intimate places of communion with Him and with those people God has placed on our lives will nourish it.

A wilderness season is also a place of intimacy. However, we treat it as if it’s from the devil. We depict it as a gloomy season because it’s where we make a mental picture of being alone in the universe. But do you know that it’s a perfect season to be intimate with God?

“But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert (wilderness) and speak tenderly to her there.

-Hosea 2:14 (NLT)

God seeks you

You see it’s God’s invitation for us to go deeper into our intimacy with Him. Why? With our uncircumcised heart, we seldom spend time with Him. The busyness of our heart sadly takes us farther away from Him. That’s why in His goodness and mercy, He leads us back to a place where nothing else catches our attention—the wilderness.

The wilderness takes the different expressions of intimacy in life to the next level making us more secure with our relationships. And the more we are secure with our relationships, the less we need to convince the world about ourselves and the status of our relationships in life.

Ephraim means “double fruitfulness”. Yes, that’s where Jesus went to (go read the verse again). Our capacity to bear fruit doubles in the secret place of intimacy with God and with those dear to our hearts.

Jerwin Rodrigo Gamboa is the author of Intimacy with Jesus. He is the Program Director for Prayer Academy Philippines – a training and equipping ground for prayer warriors. His passion is to demonstrate the heart of the Father, the mind of Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit.


  1. I feel empowered with more will to live after reading your inspiring words. This post is very beautifully structured. Every thoughts shared is valuable and can be quoted separately.

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