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Parenting is never easy.  But what I like about parenting is that it enables you to change. Change for the better. When I got married I thought it was just easy because I took care of my nieces and nephews. Not when I had my own. It was more than harder than I ever imagine. We all want to have smart parenting. Smart Parenting is typically affected by the culture that we create, tradition that we believed, and the religious affiliation that we are raised.  Now here is the key, intentional parenting makes the difference.

Today, with the rise of the 20th century many families have changed their “parenting styles”.   In the Philippines, parenting style has been greatly affected by media. April Duncan of Very Well Family said, “Social media has changed how we communicate, get the news, and share content with others. In this new world where social media gives us our own soapbox with no boundaries, it’s also affected our parenting.”

Family values‘ has become ubiquitous in our culture and yet it has not received serious, thorough, and substantive analysis—until now. 

  •  A History of Modern Evangelicalism

How should we parent?

Today, we live by the norms of society where we accept the morals depending on what is trending and famous amongst social media.  Facebook posts for example have molested the morals of society,  where they can easily watch sensual types of videos and pictures.  Because of this factor, there is what is now known as  “national social emergency” in the Philippines according to the Commission on Population and Development (POPCOM).  POPCOM Executive Director Juan Perez III said there is an average of 530 teenagers that get pregnant daily, and the figure has stayed above 500 since 2010. The number hit a high in 2017, when the agency recorded about 574 teen pregnancies per day.  It is painful for parents to see that their children are being co-parented by gadgets and social media. 

If we fail to guide the youth, we fail to gain the world.

As the famous slogan says, “the youth is the hope of our nation” but how can we attain what we hope for if every child is not properly parented. I would like to introduce to you, The World Needs a Father program that will enrich parenting.

The Solution to national Emergency.

I have attended this program last year and I found this training as the answer to the national emergency. This program is packed with practical applications and sustainable approaches for Filipino parents. Below are the topics to be discussed:

  1. The Cry of the Digital Generation
  2. Every Season Counts
  3. Wounds Revealed and Healed
  4. Biblical Manhood
  5. Fathers Provide Moral Authority
  6. Father Confer Identity
  7. Father Provides Emotional Identity
  8. Fathers Affirm Potentials
  9. Motherhood Design
  10. The Single Mother
  11. Establishing Community Practice

This program catered to a holistic approach for Fathers, Mothers, Single Parents. They also encourage singles and soon to get married couples to attend these sessions. Currently, the sessions will be held on March 3 – May 19, 2020, at CCF Center, Pasig City. For more details please check the link below:

Fatherhood and Motherhood
To Register please click here:

Truly, how we parent determines the direction of our family. If we do not do something about it, who would? It does not matter how difficult the parenting strategies are, as long as we want to provide a brighter future for our children we will make the change that everybody aspires.

13 thoughts on “PARENTING

  1. I like that they encourage singles and soon-to-be-married couples to attend as well. It’s important to confirm these values for yourself, but also before you enter into marriage.

  2. This programs seems that it’d be helpful for people who will be parents soon to learn more about becoming great parents! I love how they would discuss these topics and it’s really interesting, thank you for sharing!

  3. We all have different parenting styles but I know that everyone of us still need a guide to know if we are doing it the right way and I think these programs seems like an interesting and helpful to all parents like me.

  4. I think that this is a very sensitive subject which in fact is in full controversy in my home country. The Christian parents are refusing the introduction of sex education in school, but they are not educating their children either. The Government is forced to allow parents to withdraw their children from these classes, which is such a big mistake. Without a proper education the number of teen pregnancies will continue to raise.

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