Parenting in Modern Times


With the rise of the 20th century, Christian believers and evangelical leaders and conservative politicians have derived the agenda to transform the thrust of the community into “family values”. In the Philippines, given that we are a Christian nation has typically considered embracing the culture of keeping the objective subtle through considering the agenda to support homeschooling and using a strong military punishment among-st others.

Family values‘ has become ubiquitous in our culture and yet it has not received serious, thorough, and substantive analysis—until now. 

  •  A History of Modern Evangelicalism

Today, we live by the norms of society where we accept the morals depending on what is trending and famous among the modern approach of soc

ial media.  Facebook posts for example have molested the morals of society, specially the youth because of easy access to internet.  They can easily watch  sensual types of videos and pictures.  It is painful for parents to see their children controlling them because on what is seen and heard over viral videos and rants.  Day by day the number of teenage pregnancy have increased dramatically according to Department of Health and World Health Organization.

Family Lifestyle can create a different culture in the eyes of our children if properly managed.  Because of this, a heavier role of parents have ignited our concern to create family values that would impact the lives of our children