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My Taiwan Travel

Taiwan is a small island with modern cities to explore. There are a lot of hot spring resorts and wonderful mountainous terrains.  My wife and I have had our fair share of our wonderful trip. We will share with you some of the important considerations before your Taiwan Travel.

In booking a Trip:

We booked thru Cebupacific which gives a pretty much cheaper price on most of our flights.  When you travel on a budget this is the best way you can save on short flights and splurge from other parts.

Cebupacific Air
Source Cebu Pacific Online.

Schedule Itinerary:

We normally practice do it yourself trips with my wife as it is cheaper and it allows us to manage our own time in going to some places we like, unlike going on a group where we always experience pressure on most of our group mates.  So we prefer going on our own.

Guide to Best Hotels: Prior on our Taiwan Travel we already searched for the latest cheaper hotels were we look for remarkable reviews at a lower price. We booked at Hotel Puri, in the central city of Taipei, Taiwan because you can navigate easily and visit the most of the scenic places in Taiwan.

Discover why you travel

We would always consider traveling together as it gives us a more intimate time.

What do you like most on your travel? I love the Taiwan Cuisine.  Taiwan Cuisine has different variations.  They have few Chinese derivatives  such as beef noodles soups which has been greatly influenced by Chinese food.  You will find the best food in Ximending Central Market.

Ximending Central City. A lot to find in the central city.

What season do you recommend to visit? We would recommend visiting during winter season.  Experience the cold season in Taipei.  Taiwan has an almost beautiful warm climate all year round so it is recommended to visit during this season.

Any recommendation? When you visit Taiwan, you should stay at Ximending Central City because you will find a lot of stuff you can have.  From food, scenic spots, waterfalls and lot more.  We recommend for you to visit during winter season as you would really have the breeze of the real Taipei feel.  We booked thru Klook, where we had a great offer using a group package.

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