What if you have a money-making machine?

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We have seen the effect of the pandemic.  A lot of people lost their job.  No income and no source of possible opportunity. What if you have a money-making machine at home.

Let say your money-making machine runs 24hours a day, 7 days a week.  So ever day, things are just going smoothly.  You get the money when you need it and the machine runs as normal as possible.  However, in some of those days, technical errors are inevitable.

Money Making Maintainance

At this time, you need to call for a technician to inspect your money-making machine.  Anything that the technician will prescribe, you have to do it in order for the money-making machine to run again.   This is what we call maintenance.  The money-making machine needs maintenance.   Your business needs maintenance. This is part of your business expenses.

Maintenance differs from machine to machine.  Some machines have higher maintenance. Not all machines have the same maintenance. They differ from location and the type of service they provide. The machines use to make wafers have less maintenance as compared to machines used for making cement.

Things go smoothly after the money-making machine was inspected and repaired. At this time you are going to make sure that the machine should be fully checked daily to ensure that its properly checked and maintained. 


You are a Money-making Machine

This money-making machine is like your husband or your wife, or whoever is the breadwinner of the family. Your husband or your wife works 40 hours a week, travel from house to office, takes your kids to school, cook dinner when they got home, walk your dog, and do all the chores at home.  They too need maintenance because they are expose to outside viruses.

In an event that they encounter sickness or accident, this is the time that you need your application of maintenance. Your maintenance includes having doctors check-up, doing therapy, establishing hospital care during inpatient confinement. Sometimes when you get critically ill, maintenance can go up to the ICU(Intensive Care Unit).  

When you encounter a maintenance period, your income might be badly affected. At this time you need to ensure that you have tools to use to avoid a massive reduction on your income. The following are the needed maintenance:

Maintaining your machine is crucial to your business.  Similarly, like the money-making machine of your business, your life needs maintenance too. So we highly encourage you to secure a critical illness, accidental death, and life protection plan as a basic requirement for your maintenance. Insurance is your maintenance for your family in an event that you encountered unforeseen events like untimely death or sickness.  Moreover,  make sure that you have sustainable HMO or passive income for your family. 

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16 thoughts on “What if you have a money-making machine?

  1. It’s important to prepare for the unpredictable especially when it comes to your finances. A lot of people got badly affected by what has happened this year and it’s a learning curve for all of us to be prepared.

  2. In this era, there is a need to practice what is know as effective money management. Though responsibilities may be high, but we still need practice money management.

  3. completely do agree with you..well this blog post is truly very inspiring and helpful one for every of reader..glad you shared this with us..

  4. Thoughtful post Jack. Anyone I believe can be the money making machine for family yet we need to be prepard for the hard times too!

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