How not tobe moved by circumstances


Lazarus died but Jesus did not visit his funeral until after three days. He even told his disciples “I’m glad I wasn’t there…” He was not moved by circumstances. It’s fascinating to see how calm he was in a situation like this. How on earth was he able to say that He was glad not to be at his friend’s funeral! His inner world was so secured that no outward factors could budge Him at all (read John 11:1-45 to see the whole account).


And for your sake, I’m glad I wasn’t there, because now you have another opportunity to see who I am so that you will learn to trust in me. Come, let’s go and see him.” – John 11:15(TPT)

His faith is always off charts all the time. We need this kind of faith—the gift of faith. The gift of faith gives us assurance of what’s going to take place despite the current situation. It gives us access to the realm of possibilities. It’s a gift that could be best accessed when spending so much time with the Father in the secret place.

Be Faithful

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In these last days, the gift of faith is what will set us apart from the rest of the people on the earth. Just when everyone sees a falling economy, we see another one that goes the totally opposite direction. When everybody else fears natural calamities, shakings and contagious diseases, we stay intact and fearless. When people seem to lose hope, we take ahold of the hope of glory—Jesus Christ.

It’s the gift of faith that will make us “the envy” of the world. The religious will become insecure about our faith while non-Christians will get attracted to it—shutting down the door to the Pharisees while flinging the door wide open for the weary to come to the Oasis of Life who is no other than Christ.

I challenge you to set aside anything that’s taking up space in your heart that only waste your time and start giving time to things that will build up your inner-man like meditating on the Word of God, and soaking your ears in worship songs and anointed sermons. Doing this will result in eternal security you have never even imagined possible.

Once your world becomes established, you’ll be surprised to see that difficult situations will no longer bother you. They will start becoming an opportunity for you to experience God’s miracles. All of a sudden, what people are afraid of becomes trivial before your eyes. You begin to develop an eagle eye—seeing beyond the natural eyes could. Then, your world overflows with hope infecting the world around you in a glorious way.


Jerwin Rodrigo Gamboa is the author of Intimacy with Jesus. Bro Jerwin is the Program Director for Prayer Academy Philippines – a training and equipping ground for prayer warriors. He also co-founded Big Hug – a prophetic & evangelistic ministry that reaches out to the lost. You can find him at the local church where helps to minister. He loves coffee. He resides in Quezon City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

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  1. Keeping faith is the best thing one can do is an amazing and much inspiring post..there are alot of things which were new for me to know about…Great work…

  2. There is never a moment when God is not in control. Relax! He’s got you covered. Loss is only temporary when you believe in God! Thanks for sharing this post

  3. I agree with all of this, but while my faith is strong, it is still so disheartening to see humanity degenerate so badly when the world is in chaos.

  4. I believe living a life of gratitude helps one handle the circumstances of life. Every day is a new day to start again.

  5. This is really a great to read. Keeping and having faith is a thing. and we need to put GOD in the center of our life.

  6. Such profound and beautiful sentiments. Those who have faith tend to see the silver lining on every cloud. Personally I believe that their is goodness in everything, even calamity and difficulties that we are forced to face throughout our lives.

  7. I truly agree that it’s high time we start putting aside too much busy excuses for not giving time to serve God the way we should such as through reading the Bible, meditation on God’s word and sober reflection. These are the kinds of articles we need at this time, they are so spirit lifting and awareness creating.

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