Stock Market on COVID19

Is the Philippines going to have a recession on COVID19?

Many speculations have gone up during this time of crisis.  A lot of so-called economists have gone viral on social media about the hot topic of the economy not just the Philippines but the whole international stock market.  So the question is the Philippines going to have a recession on COVID-19 pandemic is a very […]

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Papa Jack and Isaac Smiling

How do you talk to kids where money comes from?

So, how do we get our money? How do we handle this question? Because that’s surely a question your child will ask you at some point. And this is a great opportunity to talk to them about how people earn money. I grew up poor and because of that my parents always talked to us […]

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Image Protecting Intimacy


Intimacy is the ultimate source of your presence with God in your life. How intimate you determine the level of your relationship with Christ. How do you protect your intimacy? This has been the battle cry of every Jesus believers I know. For this reason, Jesus no longer went out in public among the Jews. […]

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