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Hi everyone, on this page, we will talk about tips on Physical Fitness. We all have different approaches to physical fitness. When I was growing up I was too thin and skinny, that’s why my friends would always make fun of me.   Because of that,  I have always been an advocate of good health and fitness.   I always take a look at the food that I eat and the lifestyle I create.  I make sure that good physical health is one of my serious focus.  Today, I have created this 10 Fitness Default Discipline which helped you rediscover the secret to a much satisfying life. 

1. Physical Fitness is for a long-term basis.

Starting your fitness goal is pretty much easy.  Going to the gym is often a normal setup.  You can bring your best buddy to give encouragement as you lift and boost your energy while working out.  But after a while, you lose your attention.  You felt low energy and start your downward schedule of not hitting the gym.      Remember, your goal for fitness is not just for a period.  Your goal of attaining a remarkable feature and a healthy habit cannot be done for just one time.  If you want to get what you want.  Physical fitness has to be sustained for the long term.   Many actors, models, and sports avid would sometimes do fitness goals because they would have a movie to produce, show to attend and competition to achieve.  After hitting success they stop reaching the habit.  I remember one person says, if you hit a bullseye on a dart, it’s a luck but if you constantly hitting the dart that’s life.                   

2. Choose your coach

Now, choosing your own coach is another encouraging factor towards attaining your desired physical fitness. But I suggest getting one so that at least there is somebody who will check on your progress. It is best to learn with somebody who has more knowledge of checking your progress.  Some of the fitness gyms provide free instructor during your initial sign up.  If you are a member of the Go-Well community.  They provide free lessons, training in keeping your fitness goals align. 

3. Choose your plan

Your Physical fitness plan should be written down and posted to the usual area you stay in your house.  Like any other goal, we should always have the mindset to always check your progress. Having a plan will enable you to propel how you want to attain fitness. Although, it is not a requirement to memorize your step by step routine. But it is highly suggested that you bring it on your mind when you hit your next lift.  Your coach might forget the next step. So, it is suggested that you remember whats your next move from your last crunch.

4. Create a family meal plan

This will apply to those who have a family.  When you eat together most your kids are looking at you. It is admirable to explain to them what are you choosing to eat.  At the end of the day, whatever you do, your family members will copy you.  If you have growing kids, it is very important to not just teach them what to say. But show them the right way of keeping them healthy. It starts with you.

5. Regular Checkup

Looking good outside is just one measure on how good your physical health. Another thing is to have your regular check-up.  Some of you might be undergoing an annual physical examination from your office. It greatly help especially those who do not regularly see a doctor.  But for those who are maintaining a medical condition, have your regular check-up.  Always keep your Body Mass – Index average to the regular numbers so you won’t have a problem.

6. Go beyond your limit

Being average is good. But if you want to hit a higher goal go beyond your limit. If you want to improve your body sections like your thigh? Your muscle wing, it is suggested to get a higher limit.  For example, if you do push up 10-20 times a day? You may want to increase the numbers as you progress with your plan.  As long as you can make it do it.  It is best to consult your trainer when doing these steps. “Once a month, I try to do something that puts me outside of my comfort zone,” says Robins.

7. Set your goals

Your physical goal should be directly connected to other goals such as finances, family relationship, relational goals and alike.  Having a good health will enable you to increase your investments.  Having a family meal would encourage your family to have a healthy choice of food.  Creating this goal that is aligned to each other will enable you to reach a much better completion rate as you go along with your plan.

8. Be mindful of your numbers

You would n’t be able to show any proof of excellence through a blank paper. There should always be tracking on the results. If you are lagging sometimes on your high cholesterol or high BMI. You should always look at the numbers so that you know where to adjust. Having something that you can measure and that is a little bit more tangible makes it easier to continue to work towards your end-goal,” Ettinger says.

9. Help others to improve

This discipline is highly suggested because it creates a mindset that you pay forward what you do.  You share what you learn and at the end of the day you reflect that improving your life is directly relational to helping others reach their goals.  That is why I wrote this 10 Fitness Default Discipline, I want to share to people how we can better our health and improve our lives.

10. Go back to basic

Most of the avid fitness advocates tend to withdraw their goals and lose control at the end of their lives. Maintaining your course of action is the energy that boosts your next higher goal, but at the end of the day we tend to abuse our physical body’s and causing frail downward spiral of our good health.  It is suggested that when you hit your goal at the of your term, go back to basic and start all over again.  I know that sometimes it’s enticing to jump to a higher physical goal but relax take a deep breath and take a look at these disciplines before you go anywhere else.

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