Investment is defined in the thesaurus as something given or lent for a return such as an asset, contribution, expenditure, expense, finance. In banking, this is commonly known as funding.

In life, investments can be anything that you do keep or place on something that would gain interest or a profit at a later day you need. But how do you really know which investment is going to be growing fast or which is not? The true answer to this question is, I really do not know. Learn the basic investment here.

The reason behind this is, there are investments that you typically place on a UITF fund or mutual funds and wait for some time and get a return for a little amount of interest or profit. This investment can be affected by market downfall or market growth. When you sell-buy stocks you will generally be going to be billed with finance charge or service or transaction fees which affect your profit.

Different Types of Investments

There are different types of investment depending on your risk appetite. If you are a conservative type of investor you will typically go to the bank on Bonds or Balance Funds. If you are a risky type of investor you will generally go beyond, equity or index or money market, etc types of investments. To learn what type of investor you are you can take a simple assessment here.

Additionally, as Filipinos, we are hardworking and resourceful with our money. This makes investing a viable opportunity to build and grow wealth for our financial goals. We have created easy and accessible investments with the right mix of funds for every risk profile. Whether you are budget conscious or seeking to maximize your earning potential, we have investment options to help grow your financial nest.

The Father of Value Investing, Benjamin Graham

The Benefits

Below are the potential benefits that you can get once you place your investment under Sun Life Financials.

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You can start investing in the SL Prosperity Funds for a minimum of only PHP1,000 or USD1,000, then make subsequent investments for as low as PHP1,000 or USD200.

High Potential Return

Historically, the SL Prosperity Funds have generated higher returns compared to traditional deposits. This allows you to beat inflation and achieve your long-term financial goals.


Your money is invested in a range of financial outlets in order to minimize key risks relating to credit, interest rates, foreign investment, and the markets, among others.


Should you need to change where your money is invested in, you can do so accordingly up to four (4) times in a year at no charge.


You may redeem fund shares at the current fund value. You may call our hotline to check the redemption settlement dates of the funds you are invested in.

Portfolio Mgt

The Sun Life Prosperity Funds are managed by investment professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that the funds generate the best returns over the long term.

Find the Fund that fits you best

Type of Prosperity Fund What’s my objective?Where will my money go?What is my risk appetite?How much is the minimum investmentWhat’s the minimum amount if I want to add?
Money Market Fund I just want to leave my cash for a short period of time and earn from it, too. This Fund invests in special savings accounts. I’m very conservative.

Php 100P100
GS (Government Securities Fund) I want my money to earn but my investment should be kept intact. This Fund invests mainly in government debt securities. I’m conservative. P1,000Php 100
Bond FundI want my money to earn but my investment should be kept relatively stable.This Fund invests in government and high-quality corporate debt securities. I’m moderately conservative.

Php 1,000Php 1,000
Balanced Fund I want my money to earn more and I can afford to lose some of my investment for higher return.

This Fund invests in a mix of high-quality debt and equity securities.

I’m somewhat between conservative and risky.

Php 1, 000Php 1,000
Dynamic Fund I want to maximize the potential of my money through an aggressive fund that has the flexibility of switching to a defensive strategy during bearish market conditions.

This Fund may invest in potentially higher yielding equity and/or debt securities.

I have a moderate to high risk appetite.

Php 1,000Php 10,000
Philippine Equity FundI want to maximize the potential of my money for higher return over the long term. This Fund invests mainly in high-quality equity securities.

I believe in the saying, “high risk, high return”.

Php 1,000Php 1,000
Philippine Stock Index Fund I want my money invested in a broad diversified portfolio while tracking the performance of the Philippine Stock Exchange Index (PSEi).

The Fund invests in securities that constitute the PSEi at their index weights.

I have a high risk tolerance.

Php 1,000Php 1,000

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