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3 Benefits of Not Owning a Car

You wake up in the morning.  Sip a cup of coffee.  Exercise a bit. Have a refreshing shower.  Brush up your suit and head to work.  Early in the morning, you drive up your car which you have been using for 10 years. Park it on the best spot in your office building.  Then after your busy day, you drive him down the road and hit home.  You don’t realize after you drive your favorite car you are missing a lot of things in your life.  Here is my take. Owning a car gives your comfort but here are the 3 benefits of not owning a car.


Commuting is the best exercise without paying for high rates on your gym membership.  Walking down the alleys and underpass and footbridges will lose a lot of calories & burn fats easier.  But it is how much you walk that matter.  A rule of thumb is that about 100 calories per mile are burned for a 180-pound person. About 65 calories per mile are burned for a 120-pound person. This is just one of the benefits of not owning a car. The best for me at least!

 If you work a regular job from 8 am to 5 pm? Then you do n’t have time to go to the gym. At the end of the day, you get good health for free.   There are programs in some cities in Metro Manila that promote biking as an option to commute going to work.  Of course, you have to take a certain precaution when you do that. 


Your money for life is very important especially if you are a one member earner in your family where you pay for all the big items at home.  When you do n’t own a car the following are the major things you are saving up that you could allocate to your major consumption or to your investments for your financial success.  

Car Maintenance
*base on from the ecompare.com


Peace of Mind – the peace of mind is something that you cannot buy or pay when you own a car.   When you don’t think of those major bills to pay and items to consider on your paycheck, that’s peace of mind.  When you don’t own a car you get yourself free from a headache that brings a burden to you before you even get your paycheck.   Now, this is something that money cant buy. Considering these 3 benefits of not owning a car will transform your daily life.

I’ve taken to write about this, to encourage the 80% of commuters who do not see the benefit of commuting daily.   At the end of your day, you reach your home tired from the hustle and bustle of walking down the street and striving to get to the bus station or jeepney but you will save a lot and enjoy the savings and investment you could give to your family for their future needs.   When you’re gone they will surely remember you from all the sacrifices that you made.  Because your family matters every focus that you make spells a lot for them. 


Let me clarify, the focus of this article is to be able to save and use the extra money for your investment.  We work and we play but at the end of the day, we make use of your money to prepare for the good future of your family and your children’s better education.   Keep in mind that it does not matter how fast you made this steps but it is how long you made the difference for your life and your future success.  

After you have saved up.  Its time to grow your money while you are working.  Check out the below article and get the best advise you can get to understand more about your financial status and how will we be able to help you attain better financial health. 

Basic Investment Tips

 Do not forget to invest for long term

  Everybody should have a 5 year 10 year goal.  Investing in the stock market has grown more than double. So, do n’t be frightened by the volatility because it is included in the experience of investing. Just keep it there because chances are you can double your money in 5 years or if not, wait for a little while it will double in few years… 

25 thoughts on “3 Benefits of Not Owning a Car

  1. I miss exercise the most when I use my car. But inevitably sometimes I need to go shopping for groceries after work so I use it.

  2. Totally agreed with this post! Over here in Singapore, we have the COE, Certificate Of Entitlement for car’s owner. Not only car owners needed to purchase the car, he or she has to purchase the COE too, and it cost a bomb, can be easily cost SGD 50k/ USD 36k and the COE only last for 10 years. After that you need to renew it again. I would rather use the money to invest in some bonds or shares.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The real purpose of this is to create awareness that there is something we can see in daily commuting. Above all, we also want to give an option that they can a lot the savings to investments. Doing this for the family still.

  3. I dont own a car, and I don’t need it yet. So walking is the exercise I love. Leaving and working just here in BGC makes my life even better.

  4. I agree with this list! But sometimes when you live in the middle of nowhere you have no choice but to drive.. I hate driving and avoid it whenever possible though! lol

  5. Exercise is the thing I miss the most! But I just try to sneak that in in other ways like taking the stairs or walking to the store instead of driving.

  6. All great points and there are times that I wish I didn’t have a car because of how much it costs but I live quite far in the country, hardly any busses and everything at least 45 minute walking distance so it’s kind of a necessity…

  7. It is very expense to have a car here in Japan as there is insurance, gas, and parking space. I always take the public train or bike to work as it is the best and cost-saving method here in Japan.

  8. I don’t own a car and I don’t really see why I need it. If I need to go far I either use public transportation or my bicycle.

  9. Such a great read! I agree that not having a car does give you lots of exercise. Especially in NYC I just take the transit and walk around. Making sure to get on the trains during a specific time, makes me run like I never ran before lol.

  10. I really do miss walking sometimes as I’m almost always behind wheels this day. I hardly do any walking and I miss that. And the fear that something might go wrong with the car when I don’t have money to repair. It’s exhausting.

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