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Donation Drive Philippines

What is Donation Drive Philippines? Donation Drive Philippines is a non -profit, community-funded organization to support Filipino people from calamities, including typhoons, earthquakes, etc.

What is the Mission of DDP? The mission of DDP is to be a channel of blessings by creating sustainable projects for Filipino communities.

What is the Vision of DDP? The vision of DDP is to see thousands of individuals/organizations creating projects to support the Filipino communities who are affected by calamities.

How to join the organization? Initially, the group is communicating virtually through Facebook group. If you want to join please click here.

How to support the organization? You can send your monetary support. Please contact for more information. We are non-profit virtual-organization. We depend on the movement of projects through the support of individuals and other organizations.

Are you a business owner? Do you want to participate on our proposal? If you are a business owner who wants to participate to advertise your brands on the web. You can join and subscribe to our giving back promotion. Your brand will be shown to this website as a part of an advertisement. To know more about this promotion please click here.

We do not own a homepage site yet as donation drive Philippines. We are squatting to this website. Please support this website by subscribing above. Enter your email address and click subscribe. Do not forget to confirm your email address.

The Donation Drive Philippines was founded by Jack Marbida. For more information please contact jack at +639088185812 or send an email to

Click on the below link to donate.

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