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BAIDO: Marriage Enrichment

A lot of us go into marriage with a lot of expectations and most of the time put the blame on our spouse which often leads to pain and frustration and eventually separation.  In the recent 2014 survey demographic research amongst Filipinos aged 18 years old, 60% agreed to have divorce in the country 1.  Today it has gone even higher.  For this reason, there is a high demand for soon to get married couples to discover the principle of true marriage in order to avoid these alarming detonators of family. 

Meanwhile, many couples are investing heavily in weddings but failed to understand the essence of marriage.   Most of the men do know their roles that is why women overpower them.  Before saying I do to your mate it is very important to account for yourself to the most important truth. 

Before you say I Do, avoid the glitch of annulment or divorce.  Join the most anticipated marriage enrichment seminar this coming March 7, 2020.  Check on the link below for more information.

Before and After I do

Check this video from the previous years Before and After I Do 2019 seminar.

Awesome day. Awesome people. Awesome God! It’s such a wonderful experience to be able to come together in an event that not only inspires you, but most importantly resonates with your aspirations, visions and goals in life and in marriage. We hope you had a meaningful time with us yesterday and we wish you nothing but the best in your marriage journey!

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