How to Secure a brighter future for your kids

How to secure a brighter future for your child?

It’s a universal truth that parents want the best for their children. This resonates with me when I became the father of my little one. One of the big parts of bringing a brighter future for my kid is preparing for his education. Let take a look at how we can help you take a long way to prepare for your kid’s educational plan starting from now.

While the government can control the rising education cost per year. We can see the rising cost of education by 10% per year according to the Commission on Higher Education. In the illustration below we can see an average tuition fee per unit.

Average Tuition Fee Per Unit - Image
Source: Commission on Higher Education

Therefore, looking at the above illustration if we have an average of 15 units per semester by P 214 we are getting at P3,210.00 from the cheapest school in the Metro Manila area.

Let us take a look at the list below. This is a comparison of the cheapest and top expensive schools to prepare for your kids educational plan.

Estimated Tuition Fees of Metro Manila Schools and Universities
Source: https:// 2.bp.blogspot. com/

What do we have to do?

Now, because of these increases in tuition fees and a possible influx of rates if we factor these fees in the next 10 years it’s going to be huge. That is why every family is doubling time in saving for their kids. So we are here to help you grow your potential in saving up your kids’ education plus ensuring that they will not stop their education in an event that you will be taken out of the picture in the family.

Read here how to learn how to invest.

Thus, we have different plans that will help you prepare for your kids’ future wherever school you may want to bring your children.

Life Insurance: Educational Plans

Below are some of the Life Insurance products that will help sustain your kid’s education for a brighter future.

Sun Life Plans for Education 1

Additionally, enjoy maximum life coverage that protects the life of the insured Parent or Payor for the entire duration of the policy. With this, your children can pursue their education and fulfill the dreams you yearn for them no matter what happens.

Also, you may add supplemental benefits or riders to provide additional protection for contingencies such as accidents and disability.

Sun Life Plans for Education


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19 thoughts on “How to secure a brighter future for your child?

  1. I have watched education costs skyrocket from the time my oldest daughter started college in 2009 to now. I still have 3 kids to get through college if they so choose. The outrageous prices are so frustrating, watching colleges build totally unnecessary things with the money.

  2. What a great analysis of average tuition fees per unit, and standard guidelines for securing the future of children. I am following few of them including education plan of life insurance …

  3. It’s important to secure a way to help our children realize their educational dreams and it does start with planning. Here in the US, there are so many ways people do about it but planning well in advance is key.

  4. I’am not parent yet but I always wanted to save my child educational plans for the future because I know what it feels about self supporting during my school days I was working student that time who pay my own tuition without any support of others.

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