The Philippine GDP squabbled in the first quarter of 2018 making its 6.9 percent remarkable market trend.  During the last quarter boost, it grew to 6.1 percent growth resulting in 6.2 percent for the whole year.

Although there is One percent down from 2017 GDP annual growth rate.  The Philippine Market keep a steady push under the Duterte Administration.  

The reason why the rate downward radically changed towards 2018. This was mainly because of the excise tax that was higher on consumption of good global oil price hike. The quarter 4 GDP was slightly below the estimate as compared from December 2017.

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Where are we going?

 The government targeted the economy to advance between 7 to 8 percent. Which means that each sector is expected to rebound for agriculture, hunting, forestry, fishing and services. 

Considering these uncertainties, there is a study conducted by McKinsey Global Institute(MGI). Which placed the Philippines amongst the emerging market economies. They say that the Philippines are well prepared to achieve sustained growth over the next decade. So there is nothing to worry about.

Meanwhile, even if the Duterte Administration is still at war against Drugs the administration. They are still looking to balance the price of the commodities versus the record on human rights to enhance the GDP Growth.

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