All the letters I should have sent

Unsent Letter to my Dad

Dead Dad,

Why did you bring me this far? Did you bring me this far only to show me how it feels like?

Why did you marry my mom?

Why did you carry me to the hospital?

Why did you send me to school?

Why do you always sing but you did not teach us how to sing?

Why did you not ever attend my school PTA/family day or any activity?  You did not attend any of my recognition rites and my graduation ceremonies my entire life? Dad, why?

Why did you not guide me to choose my sports when I was a teenager?

Man Looking at the Horizon

Why did you not teach me how to choose a girlfriend?

Why did you not bring me to a park?

Why did you not buy me toys when I was a kid?

Why did I not experience kiss from you?

Why did you not even care for my first urge of sex?

Why are you always mad at us even if we did not do anything bad at you?

Why did you not teach me how to play basketball?

Why do you always look for a reason to scold us?

Woman looking at the ocean

Why did you not buy Life Insurance?

All these questions I have asked my entire life.  All these questions I have kept my whole life. But I never asked you this questions when you are still alive.  Now that you are gone I would always keep these questions in my heart.  I will wait for the time that when I meet you in heaven I would still have a chance to ask you the same.


Don’t wait for the last breath of your loved ones.


Ask them your questions. There is no harm in asking.


Time is Gold!

As the saying goes so as your life.  The time you spend to your loved ones will create or it will not create memories that you will treasure when they pass on.  My father and I had a rough day. 

If you have just started your family.  Your precious time will spell a great difference to your children and to your wife.  Do something worth changing to your usual routine.  Do something that they will treasure their entire life.  Do something that moment will never be the same.

Spend time with your family every single day of your life.  Time is the most precious gift you could ever give to your family.  Money and treasure may be gone but the memories will last forever.  Be with them every single celebration, it might be wedding anniversary, birthday, graduation, moving up-day or even just a simple learning you’ve got will create a wonderful definition of your time with them.

Cherish Every Moment

Don’t wait for their last breath.  Do n’t wait for your chasing moment to visit them in the hospital because they are fighting for their health.  Don’t wait for the time that you are available to visit them during their funeral or at their tomb.

Life is so precious to waste! So everytime to are given a chance to be with your loved one, take a pause and ask, how will I make this time worthy for us to treasure.  Take every single moment of your life as if it is the last day of your life.

As for me, I could not bring back the time to tell my dad how much I thank him for bringing me this far.  Though I am thankful that no matter how rough childhood I had, no matter how undesirable life we had during those time.  I believe that God has fostered my strength to face the challenges I had today. 

Those moments that I missed could be restored by remembering the time with my dad without grudges.  Those moments that I miss his hug and kiss when I was longing for one was my iron that sharpens my emotion quotient.

Smile No Matter What Happen

Today I can face tomorrow with a smile and tears. Smile that no matter what happens I am strong and courageous to what will life brings. Tears that no matter how tough situations in the future, I am sympathetic to others to encourage them and support their needs. I am confidently an epitome of steel who stands in the middle of rain or shine. That no matter how rusted I am, I am still strong and able to be used in any way.

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20 thoughts on “Unsent Letter to my Dad

  1. I feel sorry to hear what you have with your father. I know God has something better for you when you had those experiences. God is loving and He will gracious to give you something you can use in life. What you have experience will make you strong. Keep believing Him!

  2. Fathers Shape Their Daughters Self Esteem. … When fathers are present, and loving, their daughters develop a strong sense of self and are more confident in their abilities. I miss him.

  3. Well, a mother can always shower her love to her children, but Dads, in order to be a strong commanding force, always holds back. This post is relatable to every child because that’s how Dads are ought to be in our society, yelling and complaining all the time. We all wish to be a little closer to them emotionally.

  4. I cannot speak for your father but I do believe it’s important to remember that people are just human with all their shortcomings and faults. You do although sound like you came through it all as a strong and caring person and perhaps that was what this experience was meant to teach you.

  5. I was raised by my mother, my father would see us every other weekend until I was 12. After my 12th birthday, he no longer picked up my brother and I. I am 32 years old now and he’s never gone out of his way to come see me or my children. I’ve never let it bother me, I feel he is the one who is missing out.

  6. This was an interesting tie to the importance of life insurance. Right now my friends and I are facing this situation in our older ages so this reminder is very timely.

  7. Wow there seems to be so much emotion in these words but followed up with such an important message. This is a really interesting post indeed.

  8. I am into tears after reading this. Very emotional. Your honesty and your pain is so pure and honest. Mother is always expressive but father remains strong and doesn’t show his emotions every time

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