Why Sun Life is No 1. Again!

Sun Life of Canada (Philippines) Inc. topped all life insurance companies in the country based on the total revenues minus total expenses, again.  This information came from the official publication of Insurance Commission from the latest statistics for the past year 2017.   In fact, the company has gained the title for sixth year in a row.  Also in another category, the company also has topped the total of P 6,941,929,276 from the net  lncome of Life lnsurance Companies for the year 2017.  Below are the records showing the performance of the company.

Performance of Life Insurance Companies based on Premium Income


Life Insurance Companies based on Premium Income


Why Sun Life is No 1. Again!



Life Insurance Companies based on Premium Income 2014

Sun Life set its foot on their Mission in giving Filipinos the opportunity to enjoy the human benefits of insurance and has been trusted for generations from world wars to building a nation, Sun Life in the Philippines led an illustrious history that bore witness to the struggles and triumphs of Filipinos.

And it is this legacy of love, passion, and commitment, that the company aims to uphold.  As it continues its journey onwards… for a brighter Philippines!

So why did Sun Life became Number  1 in the rank?  Lets hear it straight from the clients.

We would like to hear from you.  Let us know the reason why you chose Sun Life.  Please enter your comment below.

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13 thoughts on “Why Sun Life is No 1. Again!

  1. “I chose Sun Life, because I feel its affordable and my financial advisor let me understand it better. “

    1. Hi Joshua, when I started teaching you about financial education I have no doubt that you will keep what you learn. There will be many challenges but rest assured that if you endure all of this you will attain what you deserve as long as you stay on track. Thanks for your trust.

    1. Thank you Al. You know that we dont choose our client but we service everyone in need. We will continue to uphold our motto of sharing the brighter life under the sun to everyone. Make yourself secure!

    1. We appreciate your trust! We can create small miracles and good future for you and your family ahead! So excited for more of what you can afford for your great investment.

  2. When I invest I make sure that I get my hard-earned money. With Sunlife Canada Philippines and my financial advisor’s help, I can be rest-assured that it would be in good hands. I feel secure.

    1. Hi Bon,
      Surely your hard – earned money will go to its proper fund for your future. Like I always say, “When you invest in the market, you invest in the market that has a growth. If the market is growing you can buy low and sell high. This is the basic principle.” [ https://papajackph.wordpress.com/2018/03/30/basic-investment-tips/%5D

      With Sun Life being the No 1 in the market you are sure that you are in best hand to handle your money. We appreciate your trust and we will make sure that you will feel at ease with all your concerns. We look forward to more of your future accounts!

  3. I chose Sun Life because there’s no other insurance company that cares much to its members. I know that I am secured and my future will be bright as the Sun. 😉

    1. Hi Bro Jayson, We are indeed happy to hear about your feeling secure with Sun Life. With Sun Life we uphold our commitment to ensuring our clients brighter life ahead of them. Cheers to more celebration for Sun Life being the number 1 for more years to come!

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