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Family and Relationship Problems

Filipino families today are exposed to growing diverse threats than any other generations has even been.  These treats undermine the safety, health and well-being of your family.  Family Counseling can help you understand the struggles, tensions and conflicts between spouses, children and family members.

We were able to handle our family conflicts thru the help of our god parents and reliable counsels.   A lot of married couples nowadays are finding their answers through unreliable social media which derails the resolutions and trending movies which in reality does not give a right kind of advice suitable to your needs.

If you need any help with your marriage please fill out the following details and we will get back to you as soon as available counselors are within reach.

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1 thought on “Family and Relationship Problems

  1. Dear Maria*,

    Thank you for your email! I apologize for not replying you back since your feedback was stocked in the archive and I just got it today.

    We are honored to hear your story of sacrifice and at the same time feel the burden that you feel in your marriage. My name is Papa Jack and I am married to my wife who is 4 years older than me.

    We just got married two years ago and we have a 1-year-old baby.

    Base on your story. I can see that there is a problem with your marriage. A problem that most of the married couples today would have in this generation. There are a lot of issues that affect this problem and I would like to give you the best of what I know could help. I am speaking form the husbands perspective.

    First of all, your husband is suffering from pornographic addiction which has been affected by his childhood instance of participating in sexual activity with another person. This is normally caused by acting the videos that they have watched over the DVDs, internet porn or going thru girly clubs. This addiction is no different from drug addiction and internet addiction. Everyone in this generation has been affected by this syndrome. And like any other addiction, this should be handled by counselors highly proficient in this area.

    But first, you should discuss this issue with your husband because it is affecting your marriage as a while. Try to talk this over with him and understand that there is something that you both can do to resolve this issue.

    Acknowledging the problem is the first step in getting this resolved. Then next, you have to consult a clinical expert to help you and your husband battle the porn addiction together. There are people I know who have undergone and won the battle thru the help of a Christian group who help those who are battling against addiction. You can contact them and let me know if you are connected.

    Second, we can not make the marriage grow on our own. Growing in marriage is better the done thru the help of accountable people who will guide you and keep your actions accounted to each other. If you and your husband would like, you can visit the church during Sunday or Saturday services in CCF MAIN (Frontera Verde, Ortigas Avenue corner C5 Road, Pasig City, 1604 Metro Manila)

    Maria, I am not expert on this and we are still growing in progress with our family but we are here to encourage you to keep our marriage standing in this difficult times.

    (Maria * not a real name to protect her privacy)

    Respectfully yours,

    PS. Your email does not work that is why I copied the email here. Please let us know of your working email so we can respond timely. You can also contact the numbers 09088185812 for immediate concerns.

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