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How to be the “Jack of All Trade”?

According to the wiki, “Jack of all trades, master of none” is a figure of speech used in reference to a person who has dabbled in many skills, rather than gaining expertise by focusing on one. However, this might be so related to me. I do n’t know how it happened but this seems to be who I was growing. My name is Jack Marbida, I am “the Jack of All Trade”.

The shortened version “a jack of all trades” is often a compliment for a person who is good at fixing things.  Well yes, a certain level I could say that I keep myself proactive in participating in all of the activities when I was growing.

The Background

I grew up in a financially challenged family background. We literally depend on faith in what food we will have for the day. My father is a self-employed construction worker and a security guard when I was young. When his eyes were operated because of cataract he could no longer work.

Meanwhile, my mother is self-employed. We were five in the family. She did everything she could to raise us. Growing up our daily needs depend on how much income we have sold from our small sari-sari store and “karenderia”. My mother cooks the food and I sell the portioned food to our neighbors. I started doing this from 9 years old up until I got to high school.

My daily routine is a basket full of food packs, either candy or loot bags to be sold at school. I went to a public national school. I haggled my break time with my teachers to go out 15 minutes earlier so that I could bring the food packs to my customers. When I returned after the break-time I need to rush so I could catch up to the next subject. This routine ran for my entire schooling days. In fact, I could miss the next subject from school just to make sure that I could let my food items be sold otherwise, we will not have food at home.

The middle school

When I turned to High School, I juggled every subject with extracurricular activities and my small business. I ran for President in High School and I got the position. Maybe because my small business has hit our school market. Thus giving the position in the student council. By far it was not easy, if I could only turn back time, I should take it slowly without missing any bit of my adolescent life.

Given the lack of money, my father did not want to send us to college. But I told him that I have to do everything I could to finish my schooling. So, I applied for a scholarship from the Commission on Higher Education. Where I was then granted a 4 years scholarship to any course suited to the selection because of my good grade in High School.

The Flying Colors

Looking at the available courses, I took up Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. I finished the grant with high honors but it was so difficult jumping from work and school. I work while I study. Because I had to pay for my miscellaneous and project fees. Looking back, I remember I had to quit my job in the middle of my 3rd year in college because I was sleeping during the major subjects. I had to stop so I could maintain my scholarship.

As a result, I finished college and I had my first job as a clerical staff under an agency where I was assigned to a bank. However, because I need to get a high paying job I had to look for a new one. Being hungry for money, I ventured to the call center industry back in 2007. I worked as a technical consultant in one of the popular call center companies in Ortigas Center, Pasig. I worked there while supporting my brother and sister to school. This is the typical tradition in my family. Its what we call “lader-rized support system”.

Moreover, I did not stop chasing for higher market value. I studied different languages to boost my career in the Call center industry. I eventually was able to accustom to it and used the language.

The Breaking Point

Today, I work as a consultant at a software company.  I am also building a career in financial consultancy with another insurance company.  In my available time, I am honing my skills in events hosting. I am building our small business on wedding coordinating with my wife as the administrator.  Right now, I have one baby boy and a bright future ahead of him.  I only make a move, there is somebody who made it good.

Being Jack of All trade is not bad at all.  I realized it is only a matter of prioritization.


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