Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

Provision for Visa

Relaxation Visa for Filipinos became an open door for Philippines to enter Japan accessibly.

It was December of 2014 when I started planning to travel abroad.  My first solo travel. That time I had sufficient money.  No strings attached but my family. Goal oriented mindset and courage to do things my own.

My first goal is to go to land of the rising sun, Japan.

When I got back from Christmas vacation I contacted an agency which caters for both application for employment and tourist visas. My visa application did not take too long to be processed.

Below were the steps I followed when I requested for tourist visa. It only took me 7 days and my visa became available.

Step 1: Complete all the Requirements for the Tourist Visa Application

  1. Philippine Passport – according to a source the embassy will be recollecting the passports to replace for a new one with a chip attached on it for another 500Php fee.  But the old one can still be accepted.  When I use the old passport it did not have any problem at the airport specially at the embassy. (I was just thinking, is this some kinda raising funds for the department)
  1. Photo – 4.5cm x 4.5cm with white background.
  1. Visa Application Form – visa application form can be downloadedhere.

Given that you’re hoping to make a good impression, I recommend you fill out the online PDF form with your computer. The form is readily editable so you don’t have to worry about converting the file.

  1. Birth Certificate
  1. Marriage Contract
  1. Bank Certificate – I initially submitted a bank certificate amounting to P50,000.00 but after 3 days the agency called me and asked for another bank account.  So I submitted another a different account costing to another P120,000.00 to prove that I can support my stay in Japan.  However I asked another friend who applied at the same agency and he told me that he only submitted P75,000.00 under account of the bank certificate.  So you got an idea how much possible will you put on your money.

The following may be able to support your application but not necessary:

  1. Daily Schedule or General Itinerary
  1. Income Tax Return (Form 2316) – This document is not very necessary.  The agency did not even asked for this copy.  I just submitted this just in case since it may support my employment and my income generation for the year.

For those who are employed but not able to request this from your HR department you may request through Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR),

Telephone no: 981-8888

Trunkline: 981-7000

Email address: contact_us@cctr.bir.gov.ph

Office address: BIR National Office Bldg., BIR Road, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines

  1. There are few requirements / proof of your vacation and exit from Japan

Certificate of Employment (COE) – stating current position, annual income, length of service and approved leaves

Airline Ticket / e-Ticket

Hotel Reservation / Confirmation

Approved Leaves – with confirmation or acceptance of manager

For those who wish to apply for the 3-year or 1-year multiple entry visa, the additional requirements would have to be submitted (depending under which classification you fall under).

Classification A: Applicants with travel history as temporary visitor to Japan in the last three years without any record of violations of the laws and regulations of Japan during their period of stay.

  1. Recent or old passport that shows previous stays in Japan within the last three years.
  2. ITR (Income Tax Return) or Bank Certificate of the applicant or of the person who will support the applicant
  3. Documents to prove residence in the Philippines (copy of Identification cards etc.)
  4. Explanation Letter why the applicant needs a multiple-entry visa

Classification B: Employed individuals with sufficient financial capacity to support their stay in Japan.

  1. Employment Certificate
  2. ITR (Income Tax Return )
  3. Documents to prove residence in the Philippines (copy of Identification cards etc.)
  4. Explanation Letter why the applicant needs a multiple-entry visa

STEP 2: Submit application to any of the Accredited Agency. Please find agencies accredited by Japanese Embassy below:

Discovery Tour, Inc. 

Rajah Travel Corporation

Reli Tours & Travel Agency

Attic Tours Phils., Inc.

Friendship Tours and ResortsCorporation

Pan Pacific Travel Corporationapplications 

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9 thoughts on “Japan, Land of the Rising Sun

  1. Hey Papa Jack, Thanks for compiling this list, am sure this has helped a lot of travelers. By the way, I have been to Japan sometime ago and I love it! I think Asian countries are awesome too! I am planning to travel to Cambodia soon! Do you have anything that would help me also.

  2. Sure you’re welcome. Oh really, yeah Japan is Nice and I love it too. The first time I ‘ve been there really struck me down to jaw drop(just kidding) There place is really clean and I love their discipline. The next time I’ll go there I’ll bring my whole family with me. Thanks for your comment. I am excited for your trip to Cambodia!

  3. whew that is a lot of work for a person from the Philippines to visit Japan the Land of the rising sun! Though I am glad you got a chance to go. I have yet to visit Japan but it is definitely on my bucket list and for Americans it is a wee bit easier to obtain entry for a holiday vacation. Though I am sure if I wanted to stay on an extended stay it would require a thorough visa process like the one you went through. I am sure it was 100% worth it. Great guide to helping others visit the Land of the Rising Sun though!

  4. Yup. If you don’t have a U.S., EU or Aussie passport, entry visa requirements to most countries are stringent. I have family overseas so I know what they go through even seeking a U.S. visa.

  5. Japan is a place I have always wanted to visit. I have a few friends that have gone there, and the countryside is beautiful. It also has a very rich history that I am interested in. This list that you have compiled for people from the Philippines visiting Japan is very comprehensive and I am sure it will help out a lot of people plan out their to-do list.

  6. That is quite the extensive list of documents and tasks you have to complete to obtain a visa. Wow! I had no idea. I guess it’s quite different from one country to another. My hubby and I only needed our birth certificates to apply for passports here in Maine, USA, when we were planning a trip to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

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