Woman Fixing - 10 best criteria to loook for a wife.

10 Best Criteria to look for a Wife

(2) Who isn’t perfect, but is made perfect for you.

I would always love to see an imperfect couple that compliments each others needs. Let’s take for example my situation with my wife and me. I am a visionary and she is an administrator. This is what I love about our destiny.

Couples On Books-10 best criteria to look for wife
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In a perfect setting from the very beginning. The plan of God was really to make everything perfect. But because of the Sin of man in the garden of Eden, everything has changed. But it does not mean that God did not take care of us. He actually gave us somebody in this world to be with. I am a sole believer that each of us has a gods-appointed partner. Discover who is your partner by our maker. Ask God daily, if you have not met your partner. How do you ask? By prayer and reading the blueprint. Reading the Bible.

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25 thoughts on “10 Best Criteria to look for a Wife

  1. Blessed birthday Ate Wene! I continue to glorify God for another year that He has given to you. I pray that He will give you the grace to love, to seek and to experience Him more and blessings upon blessings, victories upon victories with Him and through Him alone.
    Continue to walk faithfully in Jesus Christ, our Lord. God bless to you and to your family. Blessed birthday!

    Peace and grace be with you always.

  2. Wow, your wife must have liked this as a birthday present. I am thrilled with your gesture PapaJack. I know for sure that you will make the best marriage together! Cheers to more of your years ahead!

  3. This was so great to read and it’s lovely to see you discuss your wife this way. I’m sure it was a wonderful birthday present for her to receive your letter.

  4. What a lovely post to your wife. I am sure she was pleased with your love and kindness! Cheers to you both!

  5. Happy Birthday! your wife is very beautiful, I am very happy for you as you are definitely very happy together!

  6. May God bless both of you with all of His blessings and you have a happy life ahead…these criteria are really very true and i do agree with these..Loved it..Great work…

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