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Buying Insurance cannot change your life but it prevents your lifestyle from being changed.  An illness can wipe up an entire family savings that they have saved for decades by medical bills. 

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Jack Marbida is a full service financial advisor under Sun Life Financial.
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Our jobs as financial advisor does not end when you purchase your life insurance.  Our fulfillment is when you and your beneficiary claims your benefits.

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Boni Molle

Boni Molle

When I made the decision to invest, I made it sure that I get my hard-earned money's worth without hassle. With Sunlife Canada Philippines and my financial advisor’s valuable help and insights, I can be rest-assured that it would be in good hands. I feel secure.

Jayson Guirindola

I chose Sun Life because there’s no other insurance company I think that cares much to its members. I know that for sure with my financial advisor. I am secured and my future will be brighter as the Sun. 

Malu Manuel

“I chose Sun Life because I feel secure & I feel the concern of my Sun Life financial advisor. With Sun Life you can never go wrong. ”

Al Del Barrio

I Chose Sun Life because of my very accommodating financial advisor. I trust Sun Life in making my money grow while I am working. Sun Life teaches us the importance to preparing ahead for our family. Thank you to my financial advisor.

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