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Boni Molle

Boni Molle

When I made the decision to invest, I made it sure that I get my hard-earned money's worth without hassle. With Sunlife Canada Philippines and my financial advisor’s valuable help and insights, I can be rest-assured that it would be in good hands. I feel secure.

Jayson Guirindola

I chose Sun Life because there’s no other insurance company I think that cares much to its members. I know that for sure with my financial advisor. I am secured and my future will be brighter as the Sun. 

Malu Manuel

“I chose Sun Life because I feel secure & I feel the concern of my Sun Life financial advisor. With Sun Life you can never go wrong. ”

Al Del Barrio

I Chose Sun Life because of my very accommodating financial advisor. I trust Sun Life in making my money grow while I am working. Sun Life teaches us the importance to preparing ahead for our family. Thank you to my financial advisor.

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