10 Default Fitness Discipline


Everyone has a different approach to Physical Fitness. When I was growing up I have always been an advocate of good health and fitness.   From the food I take and the lifestyle I create, I make sure that good health is one of my focus.  I have created this 10 Fitness Default Discipline which helps […]

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The Stock Market is On Sale

The Stock Market is on SALE

A lot of people are worried today because of what’s happening with our stock market.  Well, the market has never been neutral.  It’s either high or low.  We can never have a balanced market at all.  These worried people are those who have invested when the market was high.  Emotionally I totally understand your dilemma.  […]

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Life Insurance is Love Insurance


Preparing for the unexpected is an important step that you should take to secure your family’s future. Designed to achieve financial security, we in Sun Life provides you affordable life insurance protection plans that can help take care of your family’s needs no matter what happens. We specialize in  Term Insurance Universal Life Insurance Mutual […]

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