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What’s bad about working from home?

Welcome to the world of working from home at an instant. Honestly, for me, there are positive and negative sides that either we enjoy or be sad about this unprecedented event. Right now, we were given 30 days of quarantine to lower down the spread of the virus and I get, we should cooperate with the government on how we be able to get this died down.

Working at the comfort of your house has a lot of benefits. In fact, some studies have shown that working from home can actually be more productive in different ways. So I thought it might be helpful to give you a glimpse of how I do mine. You can share your practice by placing that on the comment section.

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The power of COVID19 has turned the world in 180 degree when it comes to lifestyle, attitude and a lot more. Suddenly streets are all cleared. The mother nature now can breath after so many decade of being wasted. In order to turn the world round to its own axis we need to work closely at the controlled level. We need WFHM to continue with the business.

Now, normally if I was going into the office, I’d be spending this time getting ready for work, rushing out the door to start my commute. Instead, I make myself my own brewed coffee on my back porch. Good thing, I invested on a swivel chair before so now it’s still comfortable unlike my monoblock in the kitchen.

The first thing I do an hour before my shift start is to take my time in meditation. I would normally turn on music to perk up my day. I will read the bible and get into 15 minutes of exercise.

Supposedly, if I would go to the office, I would go and take a bath early morning but now my bathing time is scheduled in the afternoon. In the morning I schedule my call normally so that people are still quite. As I progress through my morning, I also make some time to play with my son when I dont have meetings projects or cases. When my yoga mat was not yet up, I kick up several push up before rolling it up.

I plan my lunch break at around 11:00am or so. I’ll prepare our own meal, which cheaper and healtheir than going out. Often, we buy “ulam” at the store down the building but due to the tightened quarantine, they closed.

Now as I progress through the afternoon. I make sure I get everything done before the end of my shift. My wife is my own supervisor to make sure that I log off my computer during out of my shift. So I make sure to pack up before she gets my attention. Thats pretty much!

Getting some groceries is a little bit hard at this time. So I make sure to get the stuff good for 1 week. So I bought canned goods which we usually dont.

That’s about it, working from home is not too bad. It would still depend on how to look at it. Here is the thing, if you love you family more than your work it would not have a problem. Its going to be a different issue if you dont.

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