Hi Stock Market, How are you?

Firing the first quarter of the year looks like a promising future for the Philippine Stock Exchange Inc(PSEi). The market has moved its 8074 points on Monday.

Historically, the PSEi reached an all-time high of 9058.62 in January of 2018. The stock market has never neutral on the ground. But, during the stretch of the first quarter of 2019, the forecast is seen to maintain to trade at 7884.16 points. Which means, a downtrend for all of us.

With the upcoming election, a lot of politicians are going to put out their money. Many politicians to fund their campaigns which would mean a lot of business from different sectors of the market.

However, though the market is down at -092% from its closing of 8,144.16 points we always look at the bright side of the market.

Meanwhile, the government is positive that this trend will keep its boost to create a lot of jobs for the Filipinos people from the overseas and local jobs in the country.

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