5 Reasons to Financial Fitness

5 Reasons to Attain Financial Fitness

Over the course of my financial fitness advisory has been enjoyable yet challenging in servicing and creating the most attractive way for my clients to learn and apply the best way to enhance their capability for financial growth.  The following are the 5 helpful tips to financial fitness.

1. Understand where you are right now.

Understanding your financial status is the very core of your success in finances.  There can never be a more effective way to know where you are by acknowledging the true and honest reason for your financial status.  If you are going negative on your monthly income and getting even higher credit card expenses than what is coming into your pocket then it’s time for you to do something about your spending habit.

2. Analyze your need.

 Understanding is coupled with the analysis process.  The analysis comes with the right people to talk to when it comes to your process.  You know that a good fitness goes with the right people you do every crunch and lift.  This goes the same with your finances.  I know it’s hard to let people know how broke you are or how breaking your status be but it pays a healthy step back when somebody is guiding you the best way to go thru your finances.  Get the best assistance by using the financial needs analysis from my financial advisor.

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3. Check the best tool.

Nowadays, a lot of get-rich-quick tools that circulates on the web has been creating a lot of people dismayed on their finances.  So, it is important to check the best tool that is available in the market.  Check out the best product available under Sun Life of Canada Philippines.  I bought my own product from them for five years now and they have not failed me since then.

4. Subscribe to the best tool

Understanding and knowing is one thing but doing something about it is another thing. Subscribing to the best tool will not just force you to act on the things that you need to do but also to enables you to see the benefits along the way.   If you are single and keeping your finances stable to provide for your travel needs, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot.  Setting aside a little of your money won’t hurt your pocket.

5. Enrich your tool

– I have been maintaining clients for quite some time and what hurts me so bad is when they unsubscribe to their plan for no apparent reason.  Subscribing to a financial product is best used when you keep it and enrich it.  Each of the product that is designed for your need applies to what situation you are currently in.  For example, when you don’t have kids yet, is different from when you have one.  Moving up your family to a bigger one increases your financial needs to provide for their educational fund which will require you a higher protection plan.  Another is when you get to your retiring years will require your higher health coverage.  Talk to your financial advisor on how you can enrich your financial tool.

Use this powerful step to enhance your financial quest to reach your financial freedom.   There can never be a fine linen when you don’t try it.  Get involved with people you know to follow these steps to gain encouragement.  If you don’t find anyone in your group, please send me a message and I will be willing to guide you through in getting your finances to suit up and get ready for your future financial freedom.

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Hi, my name is Jack Marbida, I am a financial advisor from Sun Life Financial for over 4 years now. My goal is to help thousands of Filipino people understand and embrace the spirit of financial preparation through our program, “Financial Freedom”. I know you need help but you just don’t know where to start. Allow me to help you establish a brighter future. Click here for more information. Check what I have been doing here.

42 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Attain Financial Fitness

  1. Pretty much like being physically fit, achieving financial fitness is a process that requires your attention and complete focus. But what does it mean to be financially fit? It is the ability to cope with all your expenses and live your life the way you want, without any financial worries. For example, financial fitness will enable you to handle your loans, insurance policy premiums, monthly expenses and any unforeseen expenditure. It will also help you to create a plan that you can use to better deal with any financial need in the future.

  2. Being careful and meaningful with your money is key to being financially fit. Spending only what is needed, investing and saving.

  3. I think it’s very important be have financial freedom but that starts with understanding budgeting and learning about how best to juggle between financial products. The bank is nobody’s friend 🙂

  4. Some very sound advice for being financially fit. My husband would love this post as he is always looking for ways to be financially secure & progressive I shall pass it on to him.

  5. These are all such great tips! It is so important to have a grasp of where one is with finances!

  6. This is wonderful advice! Just like it’s important to have a physically healthy life, a financially healthy life really does affect more than just the money in your pocket!

  7. I’ve been on a quest to get my finances right. I had a divorce 3 years ago and it’s still causing havoc for me, in terms of $$.

  8. Analysing your needs is so important because you need to know what you need to save or sort out your finances for. I’m saving to move and buy a house with my boyfriend so that’s a big thing for me x

  9. Great tips. I know that my family need a new house. Our old house is too far from our working and studying area. What I don’t understand is the term “financial tools”. I look forward to your article discuss about “financial tools”.

  10. Definitely important to assess your assets and save for a rainy day. Because you never know when a pandemic will come your way. Lol. In all seriousness, though, clearly very important, ESPECIALLY because of the unexpected.

  11. I am fortunately in the best financial health of my life. It feels good to not be buried under finances. This post is great advice!

  12. My goal is paying off debt while saving for the future. I just got out of trouble with the govt and now I just want to be minimal and save.

  13. Yes, great tips! Yes, know your financial numbers is a must to knowing where you should adjust the money in or out!

  14. This is a really good article. I’m going to check out a couple of resources. My kids are grown, but I want to save for old age, and maybe a vacation or two

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